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What's On TV Tonight: TV Listings


Wondering whether your favourite show is on TV tonight or just want to view the primetime TV listings schedule to see what else is on? Here we'll give you a quick rundown of what's on TV tonight - including whether it's a brand new, episode titles and a comprehensive list of talk show guests - everyday!

Since we tell you what's new on TV you won't have to tune in only to find it's a repeat or go through the tedious television guide schedule to scan your favorite channels during primetime TV.

08:00 PM

ABC  American Housewife - Wildflower Girls
Katie grows concerned when Anna-Kat is invited to join Westport's elite scout troop, The Wildflower Girls. Meanwhile, Taylor learns her Carnegie Mellon interview is scheduled with famous alumnus and Broadway star Brecken Phillips.

CBS  Hawaii Five-0 - Hapai Ke Kuko, Hanau Ka Hewa
When the top salesperson for a beauty company pyramid scheme is murdered, Five-0 sifts through a long list of possible suspects who would want her dead.

CW  Charmed - Curse Words
Maggie and Mel fear Jordan's curse is alive and well. Macy and Harry confront their unspoken feelings.

NBC  News4 NY at 11:00 p.m.

08:30 PM

ABC  Fresh Off the Boat - The Magic Motor Inn
In a selfish move to avoid Jessica's wrath once SAT scores arrive, Eddie convinces Evan that coaching from former classmate and spelling bee champ Simryn is exactly what he needs to finally win the state spelling bee.

09:00 PM

ABC  20/20 - Cutthroat Inc.
A man who killed his business partner and then hatched an elaborate plan to cover it up.

CBS  Magnum P.I. - Blood in the Water
When Magnum and Higgins get "yacht-jacked," Higgins is shot and she and Magnum are stranded at sea, struggling to reach land before she bleeds out and the culprits return to finish them off.

CW  Dynasty - What Sorrows Are You Drowning?
Anders seeks help finding Kirby, so Fallon assembles Sam, Colby, Culhane, and Adam for the mission. Cristal and Alexis have a historically epic encounter.

Today and Tonight's TV Talk Show Guests

ELLEN  The Ellen DeGeneres Show - Will Ferrell, Selena Gomez, guest host Jennifer Aniston

THEVIEW  The View - Tim Robbins, Susie Essman

JIMMYFALLON  The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon - Milo Ventimiglia, Guy Raz, Carmen Lynch

COLBERT  The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Sen. Bernie Sanders, Penn Badgley (Repeat from 1/9/20)

KIMMEL  Jimmy Kimmel Live - Al Pacino, Florence Pugh, Nicky Jam featuring Daddy Yankee (Repeat from 1/16/20)

SETHMEYERS  Late Night with Seth Meyers - Larry David, Caitlin Kalafus (Repeat from 1/9/20)

JAMESCORDEN  The Late Late Show with James Corden - Billie Eilish, Ali Wong, guest host Alicia Keys (Repeat from 12/9/19)

WENDYWILLIAMSSHOW  The Wendy Williams Show - Young M.A

* all times shown in USA EST

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