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Woody Allen Denies Firing Carla Bruni From Film Over Acting

Woody Allen says, contrary to various reports, he hasn't fired France's first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy from his film.

Allen says he was 'shocked' when he heard it reported he fired Bruni after it took her thirty two takes to shoot one scene.

Reports from the set indicated that the director was so frustrated with Bruni's performance that he decided to hire a look-alike to reshoot the scenes and complete her scenes in the rest of his romantic comedy 'Midnight in Paris'.

"She was no problem at all," says Allen. "I was delighted with her."

"This is a hundred percent untrue," he explains. "She's in the picture. Everything she shot is in the picture. I love her. She's great."

"It's not a big part, but it's a respectable part. Everything was totally made up. Now, I did hire another actress late in the picture for another part," he admits, "but for a totally different role. They're both in the picture."

Allen says he did a typical eight to ten takes with Bruni.

"I'm shocked at the wild and enormously prevalent, outrageous notions that circulate about Carla on television and the print press and magazines," says Allen, who shot for the first time in Paris.

"I'm used to celebrity journalism, and I've had my share of untrue things printed. But this one was really one of the craziest."

September 13, 2010 |

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