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Will Harry Potter Survive Final Book?

With Harry Potter fans still reeling from the dark ending of the sixth book in the series, the new book could have a new shock in store.

Rumour has it that author JK Rowling may be planning to kill Harry off in the final book about the wizard. The words came from former 'Carry On' actor Jim Dalem, who is the 'voice' of the popular Harry Potter audio tapes in America.

He confirmed JK Rowling's declaration that the seventh novel, which she's recently started working on, will be her last. But Jim, who moved to the US in the seventies and became a Broadway star, added "She has lived with Harry Potter so long she really wants to kill him off". He has met Rowling several times, but did not elaborate on the topic.

The final novel has been set up a final showdown between Harry and the evil Voldemort. It's been said that one of them will die at the hand of the other.

This take on Harry's fate has been voiced before by Harry Potter film star Daniel Radcliffe who last year said: "I've always had the suspicion Harry might die".

Plots of the Harry Potter books have always been tightly-guarded secrets and as expected, Rowling would not comment.

December 07, 2005 |

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