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Watts' King Kong Sized Accident

It's one of the most anticipated movies of the year, but star Naomi Watts was nearly left paralysed after a horrific fall on the set of King Kong.

Naomi Watts, who plays Ann Darrow in the remake, fell heavily from a height into a narrow ditch during filming in New Zealand as shocked cast and crew watched helplessly.

She says "I fell with quite a lot of force and I was jammed up in a hole. I had a brief period when I couldn't move and I thought I may be paralysed. I thought, 'This is it'".

But she insists her rigorous yoga practice saved her from any serious damage.

"But after a few seconds I was able to move and they slowly got me out. I thought, 'Thank goodness for my yoga.' It had made me supple and agile".

November 28, 2005 |

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