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'Superman Returns' Writers Won't Return For Sequel

'Superman Returns' writers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris won't be back to pen a sequel to the 2006 movie that saw the superhero return to the big screen after almost two decades.

The due had also worked together with director Bryan Singer on 'X2: X-Men United'.

'Variety' is reporting that Warner Bros. is considering a "fresh start" with a new take on the Man of Steel, as if the previous film never happened, citing the introduction of Superman's son with Lois Lane, and the film's disappointing domestic box office take of $200 million. To compare, 'Spider-man 3' took in more than $150 million in its opening weekend alone.

Marvel has already taken the same strategy with 'The Hulk', hoping a new take on it will launch a franchise, something that Ang Lee's 2003 movie failed to do. Although, the 'Superman' brand is much larger and such a drastic move may not be necessary.

But something you can definitely expect is a lot more action, Singer is aware the first movie lacked in this aspect and promised fans at San Diego's Comic-Con last year that the sequel would address this.

The film is currently taking a backseat to 'Justice League' and will likely not be out until 2010, at the earliest.

October 22, 2007 |

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