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Seth Rogen Recalls His Kanye West Encounter On 'Late Night'

Seth Rogen recalls bumping into Kanye West soon after he mocked the singer for his 'Bound' music video.

"I heard 'Yo' and I turned around and it's Kanye which scared me at first," Rogen tells Seth Meyers.

"I was like this is it. Instantly, because I'm a coward and I see a $10,000 sneaker hitting me in the face and then I'm going to be dead."

"I said 'I apologize profusely. I'm a fan. It was out of love.' He said 'You're a fan'. That's all he heard which was good."

West then invited Rogen to his van parked out front to give him a surprise preview of his new album -- rapping the lyrics to the playing beats in person.

November 17, 2015 |

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