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Sarah Jessica Parker Asked About 'Toys'

Sarah Jessica Parker can't understand why fans of her hit show 'Sex and the City' constantly ask her about her sex toy collection, considering her character was the least raunchy of the foursome.

"I am regularly asked what I've done with all the sex toys. My character never played with sex toys. All the others did, and took their clothes off too. Not me", she said.

Parker says she had a strict no-nudity clause in her contract for the show and finds it amusing that people associate her with the show's edgy content.

When asked about the similar success of ‘Desperate Housewives’, she said that she doesn't have time to watch the show but empathised with the actresses over the never-ending speculation on whether they all get along. Parker said that she along with her fellow co-stars on ‘Sex and the City’, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall, went through the same on 'Sex and the City'.

"You never hear this sort of thing about a male-oriented show. I just think it's more interesting for journalists to report that women can't get along. And frankly it's totally disrespectful because no one puts the same expectations on men", she said.

The slim Parker also criticised fashion houses for failing to consider larger sized models in their marketing: "Women of all sizes are beautiful when they feel good. It's a great mistake of the fashion industry to focus less on fuller figures. I find larger women sexy".

December 07, 2005 |

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