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Russell Crowe: Leonardo DiCaprio Was Still A Virgin At 17

Russell Crowe says Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't always a hit with the ladies.

Crowe tells 'Entertainment Weekly' that in 1995 when he and DiCaprio worked together in 'The Quick And The Dead', DiCaprio used to constantly talk about his virginity.

"You know, I worked with Leonardo when he was 17.", Crowe says. "He was a virgin, and he'd talk about that constantly."

"So I'm hoping we have some time so he can fill in what's happened in between, maybe show some photos, because I'm sure life's different now."

Life is definitely different now for DiCaprio who has since dated a string of beauties including supermodel Gisele Bundchen (photosGisele Bundchen photos) and Bar Rafaeli since they last worked together.

Crowe and DiCaprio will reunite in upcoming movie 'Body Of Lies'.

October 30, 2007 |

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