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Robert Pattinson Has Odd Conversation About 'Heavy Saliva' With Kimmel

In an appearance with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night, Robert Pattinson had a conversation with the late night host he's probably regretting this morning.

Pattinson talked about his "heavy saliva" and whether Kimmel had ever been spit on "in an erotic way."

"For some reason, I have extraordinarily heavy saliva," he said. "It's funny. I noticed it the other day... if I try and spit I can only get it about a foot."

Someone informed me the other day that it was because I had heavy saliva. I thought it was because I didn't have much lip power."

"I've never heard anyone say they have heavy saliva before," laughed Kimmel. "Have you weighed it? We should have people drool in a glass and then we'll weight yours against theirs."

"Have you ever had spit on you in a kind of erotic way?," asked Pattinson. "It's pretty great."

"But your saliva is so thick you could literally bruise someone," quipped Kimmel.

June 13, 2014 |

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