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Piers Morgan Slams Victoria Beckham For 'Shameless' Video of Son Singing

Piers Morgan is criticizing David and Victoria Beckham for posting a video of their 11-year-old son, Cruz, singing.

The proud parents shared the video of him 'Cups' from 'Pitch Perfect' to several positive reviews. But Morgan wasn't impressed, even if he was the son of a Spice Girl.

"You get these celebrity parents and they bang on about protecting their kids and privacy and so on and there they are Instagramming this 11-year-old to gazillions of people trying to make him a star, like Brooklyn Beckham is now a photographer," Morgan said on 'Good Morning Britain'.

"I'm like, can't they just be kids really? And then when they leave school, make their own decisions? If they want to go into this kind of thing, then great. This, to me, it's shameless."

"Look at my little man go," David Beckham captioned the video. "Ridiculously cute and the enjoyment in his face whilst doing it just makes us smile."

April 20, 2016 |

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