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Piers Morgan Slams Monica Lewinsky For Skirting Blame For Her Reputation

Piers Morgan is slamming Monica Lewinsky after a speech in which she called herself "Patient Zero" and complained she was the "first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the Internet."

Lewinsky claimed she was "in love" with Bill Clinton and said her mission was to stand up against cyberbullying to "help other victims of the shame game survive too."

"I fear the egg has rather raced past the chicken here," Morgan writes in a Daily Mail column.

"If you're a 22-year-old intern working at the White House and you embark on an affair with your married President, then most people would probably say the shame-ometer probably starts right there and then."

My objection to Monica Lewinsky's speech is not based on any moral outrage over her deceitful behaviour 20 years ago. It's based on her extraordinary self-deceit now."

"It wasn't the Internet that shamed you, Monica; it was your predilection, like Bill Clinton's, for illicit cigar-fuelled lust in the world's most powerful room," he says.

"You were 22, not 16. And you both knew you were playing with the kind of fire that destroys forests in the Californian summer."

"He should shoulder the lion's share of responsibility because he was a much older man and unlike you, he was married. But you're not blameless and in your heart, you know that."

"I admire Monica Lewinsky for rebuilding her life. She looked and sounded today like a woman who's been through a hellish few years but has come out of it a stronger and better person."

"But I find it pretty distasteful that she can make a disingenuous speech about how she's been such a victim of internet shaming - and then receive a standing ovation from the audience."

October 22, 2014 |

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