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Paris Hilton Gets Mugged By Her Monkey

Getting mugged late at night by some burly masked men in a dark alley is surely a terrifying experience for any hapless victim, but what happens if the mugger is your own monkey, and it defaces your mug at an exclusive lingerie store in front of hundreds of incredulous onlookers?

Well, ask Paris Hilton (photosParis Hilton photos) all about that, for that is exactly what happened to her during a lingerie-shopping spree in Las Vegas.

Hilton's latest pet, monkey 'Baby Luv', clawed her face when she walked into an exclusive shop at Caesars with her pet on her shoulder. But that was not enough to take her mind off her mission, as she managed to pull it off her and and hooked his leash to a corner cabinet, while she lapped up 4,000 dollars worth of bras and panties.

The monkey though had the last laugh, when he escaped from Hilton's clutches, and delayed the start of a show held to celebrate Kelly Osbourne's 21st birthday by 20 minutes, until staffers found him.

November 19, 2005 |

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