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Naomi Campbell: I'm Really Not A Bad Person

Following her recent flap with British Airways, Naomi Campbell is still trying to convince the British media that isn't always so obnoxious.

"I'm not a bad person," Campbell tells the Daily Mirror. "When people say all these negative things about me, I ignore them."

"Let them be negative -- but do that away from me. It hurts but I know there is much more good in the world. I'm blessed to be able to do charitable work and good things but no one focuses on that because I don't throw it in people's faces. That's why they focus on the negatives."

On the bright side, now that Campbell's plead guilty to assaulting police officers on a British Airways flight, she'll get to do more of that unpaid community work she doesn't like to talk about -- 200 hours worth in fact.

Naomi also says that she hasn't retired after more than two decades on the world's catwalks because there are too few other black models in the industry: "I don't do so many shows anymore, but I do count how many girls of color they use in the shows. It happens to be last year New York was the worst. Now at Paris Haute Couture there was only one black girl out of all the shows. It cannot be a trend."

And it seems Italian Vogue agrees, the mag has decided to use mainly black models in an upcoming issue to highlight the problem.

July 15, 2008 |

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