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Morgan Freeman's Attorney Says He's Getting A Divorce

Morgan Freeman is divorcing his wife of 24 years, according to the actor's attorney, Bill Luckett.

Freeman and Myrna Colley-Lee "are involved in a divorce action," Luckett tells Access Hollywood. "And for legal and practical purposes, they have been separated since December of 2007."

The news comes as Freeman recovers in hospital from a serious weekend car accident. Luckett says the 48-year-old woman who was injured along with Morgan Freeman in the accident is just a friend of the Oscar-winning actor. However, the divorce has increased speculation that she was also romantically involved with Freeman.

Police say Freeman told them that the woman had offered him a ride home, but she didn't know the way so Freeman decided to drive. The car veered off a rural road in Tennessee, about 90 miles south of Memphis, and then flipped at least twice.

Rescuers used a jaws-of-life machine to free Freeman and Meyer from the wreckage. They were airlifted to a hospital and the actor suffered a broken arm, broken elbow and shoulder damage.

He had surgery to repair damage to his left arm and hand this week, and his publicist says Freeman is expected to make a full recovery.

August 7, 2008 |

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