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Miss USA: Fall At 'Miss Universe' Was "Like I Was On Rollerblades"

Miss USA says she learnt at least one thing from her humiliating fall during this year's Miss Universe pageant: "I think I'm going to have to take some walking classes."

"I would never have thought in a million years that I would fall down at the Miss Universe pageant — right after Miss USA fell last year... I always wondered, My God, if that happened to me, what would I do?"

"My dress has beautiful beads on the bottom of it, and I stepped on my gown and they made me slip", recalls Crystle Stewart. "It was like I was on Rollerblades. There was no conspiracy or anything. Nobody left marbles on the floor. It was just me."

But Crystle is taking it in stride: "Things happen. I'm perfectly fine. I'm going to move back to New York and get on with my life. Sometimes you fall in life, not just in the pageant but financially or emotionally. It's not about the fall but how you pick yourself up."

July 15, 2008 |

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