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Matt LeBlanc: If They Have Electricity, They're Watching 'Friends'

Matt LeBlanc talks about his popularity around the world and tells Stephen Colbert he's discovered that if someone has electricity they've likely seen 'Friends'.

"We were shooting Top Gear in Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains, in this really really remote part of Morocco. And people, I'm not kidding, live in actual caves and you see this extension cord going into the cave," he says. "And you hear 'I'll be there for you' coming out of this cave."

"We're on the side of this road and the tribes people come out and one of them goes 'How you doin?' I couldn't tell if he was asking me how I was doing or if he was quoting the thing from the show. You know it's been a great thing to have been a part of."

October 24, 2016 |

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