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Magic Johnson Doesn't Approve Of Dennis Rodman's 'Pathetic' North Korea Trip

On 'The Tonight Show' on Monday night, Magic Johnson criticized old friend Dennis Rodman's North Korea trip and laughed at the fact that the former Chicago Bulls bad boy couldn't even win against the North Korean basketball team.

"Let me ask you about someone who is a friend of ours and obviously been troubled, our old buddy Dennis Rodman," asked Jay Leno. "We've done a lot of jokes about Dennis. It was kind of pathetic that whole thing in North Korea. What do you make of that?"

"Well, you said it right. It's pathetic," said Johnson. "And also you can't go to a place that is trying to harm us. I wasn't too happy about him going over there and then you're taking a team over to play."

"Everybody over there is probably this high so, of course, you should win the game. You know, they're not all... and they still lost!"

"North Korea beat Dennis Rodman's team. Well, Dennis is only 60 so it wasn't that hard to beat him."

"And when there's a tank under your basket that is bad," quipped Leno.

January 28, 2014 |

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