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LAPD: Paparazzi Not Interested In Lohan Since She's 'Gone Gay'

We reported in February that Los Angeles was considering a 'Britney Law' that would give celebrities a 'safety bubble' and protect them from the hounds of paparazzi in the city.

But the proposed law is meeting with resistance from Los Angeles' top cop, LAPD Chief William Bratton, who says that the law isn't needed because the paparazzi have lost interest in some celebrities anyway.

"If you notice, since Britney started wearing clothes and behaving, Paris is out of town not bothering anybody anymore, thank god, and evidently, Lindsay Lohan (photosLindsay Lohan photos) has gone gay, we don't seem to have much of an issue," he tells tells KNBC.

"If celebrities behave themselves, that solves about 90 percent of the problem," Bratton says. "Britney, the last couple of days, has started wearing clothes again. The paparazzi are leaving town because she's not as interesting when she's not running around without her underwear on."

He says any hearings to make the anti-paparazzi ordinance law are a "total waste of time".

August 1, 2008 |

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