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Kelly Ripa Makes Contract Negotiations Joke On 'Live' Directed At Strahan

Kelly Ripa (photosKelly Ripa photos) isn't letting ABC and Michael Strahan off easy.

Ripa made a pointed contract negotiations joke during an animal segment on 'Live' Thursday.

Wildlife expert Peter Gros from the Animal Planet show 'Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom' was showing animals he brought with him including a screaming armadillo, who let our loud shrieks.

"The reason he's screaming is he is small," he told Ripa and Strahan.

"He has no defense, no teeth. When a predator comes along, he squares it away with his scream."

"He's about to scare me away, I tell you that," Strahan said.

Without missing a beat, a laughing Ripa quipped: "I want to take him into contract negotiations with me."

Strahan didn't so much as acknowledge the remark.

Ripa returned to 'Live on Tuesday after ABC executives apologized for keeping her in the dark while luring Strahan to 'Good Morning America'.

April 29, 2016 |

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