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Kate Upton Blasts MLB For Cy Young Vote: Thought Only I Could F**k Verlander

Kate Upton (photosKate Upton photos) didn't hold back as she blasted Major League Baseball and its voters after her fiance lost the Cy Young Award despite having the most first-place votes.

"Hey MLB I thought I was the only person allowed to f**k Justin Verlander,?!" she wrote. "What two writers didn't have him on their ballot?"

"He had the majority of 1st place votes and two writers didn't have him on their ballots?!! Can you pick more out of touch people to vote?," she continued.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello picked up the 2016 American League Cy Young Award voted on by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

"Sorry Rick but you didn't get any 1st place votes? You didn't win," she said. "MLB, Keep up with the times and fire those writers."

Porcello received 8 first-place votes to Verlander's 14. He made up the difference in part by receiving 18 second-place votes to Verlander’s 2.

The race was expected to be close. However, no one likely imagined the leading first place vote getter would lose the Cy Young award.

For his part, Verlander didn't express disappointment and simply thanked those who voted for him.

November 17, 2016 |

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