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Kate Beckinsale Finds Use For Catsuit

Despite recent rumours that her marriage was in trouble, Kate Beckinsale (photosKate Beckinsale photos) said it's back on track and she's happier than ever.

Kate even thinks the black leather catsuit she wore in the film Underworld, which husband Len Wiseman directed, helps keep the spark in her marriage alive.

The 32-year old star quipped in a recent interview: "That costume goes down quite well with the husband. In fact I think that suit is the reason he was so keen for us to do the sequel Underworld: Evolution! What can I say, guys like it. That costume is really just sex fetish wear".

But she said it's not that much fun to wear, especially when it takes 45 minutes to get in and out of.

"It's essentially an enormous condom with legs, but Len likes it!", she said.

Another thing that bothers Beckinsale are accusations that she's had implants. "Half the f***ing Western world has said I've had a boob job. If I could, I'd just lift my top up right now and get it over with.

"The rumours upset me because of the connotation that I'm the kind of person who suddenly gets an enormous boob job".

"That's so far away from what I'm actually like. I never thought I would be dealing with a trashy thing like that".

November 30, 2005 |

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