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Jon Stewart Says Rick Sanchez Shouldn't Have Been Fired

Jon Stewart was the guest on last night's edition of 'Larry King Live' to discuss his upcoming rally.

And, as you would expect, the topic of Rick Sanchez being fired from CNN, after he called Stewart a bigot in a radio interview, was one of the first topics to come up.

"Should they have fired him for that? No," he said, saying he was not "personally hurt" by the remarks and should have kept his job.

"With the crap you guys at CNN have put on over the last 10 years? What, are you kidding me? Fire somebody if you don't think they're doing a good job as a news person."

"I think it's absolute insanity," he continued. "I think that this idea that people have to be held, to account for everything that comes out of their mouths as far as their livelihoods are concerned... Does he do a good job? Were you pleased with his job? Or was it an excuse to get rid of him?"

Stewart added that he "wasn't crazy about" Sanchez's program but he "was not personally hurt" by the remarks.

"I make jokes about people for a living. If that's the least- you should hear what people call me when I'm walking home. You have no idea the vitriol that comes my way on a daily basis. Bigot, I almost wanted to hug him and go, really, you think? That nice."

Stewart said if the real reason he got fired was for calling him a bigot, then CNN should "hire him back tomorrow."

Stewart also explained his upcoming Rally for Sanity was not a political gathering but rather an event "for the people who are too busy. That have jobs and lives and are tired of their reflection in the media as being a divided country that's ideological and conflicted and fighting. This is for those people."

October 22, 2010 |

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