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John Oliver: FIFA Is 'Like Walter White With Blue Meth Of A Sport'

In an appearance with Seth Meyers on 'Late Night', John Oliver talked about being unreasonably psyched for the FIFA World Cup.

"FIFA is awful," Oliver began. "But the product they push amazing. They're Walter White."

"If you get hooked on their magnificent blue meth of a sport then you want nothing else," he said, referring to the product of choice on 'Breaking Bad'. "I am unbelievably excited about tomorrow and the next few weeks."

The 'Last Week Tonight' host also talked about England's chances to win and the team being his source for learning about things he never thought he cared about.

"I was reading today about when the England players are taking their malaria pills. They are huge, huge stories about it that they took their first pills yesterday morning just before breakfast."

"These are literally headline news in British newspapers and we learn this way. We're like 'Oh good, you need to take malaria pills and you need to take it with food.' And the England coach said it's important to have a stomachache than malaria and we go 'Yes. Yes.'"

June 12, 2014 |

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