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John Cleese: Sarah Palin Is Like A Nice Looking Parrot

British comedian John Cleese, who is probably best known as being a prominent member of Monty Python, was recently asked what he thought about Republican VP pick Sarah Palin.

Cleese first had a good laugh at the question, then answered, "I used to think Michael Palin was the funniest Palin."

"What fascinates me though is how people watching her on television, can they not see that she's basically learned certain speeches. And she does them very well, she's got a very good memory, but it's like a nice looking parrot."

"Because the parrot speaks beautifully and kinda says 'Aw, shucks' every now and again, but doesn't really have any understanding of the meaning of the words it's producing -- even though it's producing them very accurately."

"And she's been in these training sessions with Cheney's pals and she's learned these speeches, and the extraordinary thing is that so many people are taken in by it. And the truth is that Sarah Palin is no way good enough. I mean Monty Python could have written this."

Check out the clip of the interview below:

October 15, 2008 |

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