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'Iron Man' Will Appear In 'The Incredible Hulk' Movie

William Hurt, who plays General Ross in the upcoming 'The Incredible Hulk' movie, tells MTV that fellow superhero 'Iron Man' will also be making an appearance in the movie.

"I have a scene with Iron Man, with Robert Downey Jr. It's a funky scene. I don't know how it'll work, I know it's weird to work with a character from another movie, and to know it's a device."

Hurt also confirms that the 2008 movie is going for something totally different than 2003's flop: "I saw that film. This is, stylistically, a completely different film. They just don't relate... Banner's conscience still exists in a body that is a manifestation of power and is greater than his own ability to control it - and how he's learning that relationship."

Hurt adds there is a 'moment of turn' in the movie, after which "society's relationship with Hulk stops being so stupid. I want to see the relationship between Hulk and a world that realizes he's not the villain."

January 22, 2008 |

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