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Gwen Stefani: Divorce From Rossdale Was 'Completely Not in the Plan At All'

In an interview Thursday, Gwen Stefani talked about her "horrible, crazy year" and admitted that divorcing husband Gavin Rossdale wasn't something she thought would happen.

"I think what happens is in life you go through so many different phases especially with success and like with art. You can get blocked," she told Elvis Duran. "I think everything that had gone in my life in the last five years, it just got blocked."

"I went into the studio.. everybody knows pretty much what happened to me. I got a divorce, which was completely not in the plan at all. I don't know. For me, it surely wasn't. A shock. A horrible, crazy year and explosion in my life."

Stefani said she was inspired to write after she allegedly discovered Gavin Rossdale had been cheating on her with the nanny for years.

"At that time, I wanted to go in and write," she recalled. "I just wanted to be in my bed crying and do what you do when life falls apart. Anyways, I went to the studio, and I was convinced that I had to make something out of this."

That's when the No Doubt frontwoman penned her new single, 'Used to Love You'.

"There were no boundaries / What, you just pushed me too far / I guess nobody taught you / Nobody taught you how to love," the song goes. "Yeah, boy / Never thought this would happen / I let it sink in, you're gone."

"Every time I write a song, it's the most incredible feeling. I had written a bunch of songs, I was so proud of it," she said.

December 4, 2015 |

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