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Gillian Anderson: A 'Little Odd' To Be Playing Scully Again

The second 'X-Files' movie will be hitting theatres at the end of the week, and in an interview with 'Newsweek', Gillian Anderson says it was more than a 'little odd' to return to the character of Agent Dana Scully years later.

"It was a little odd," Anderson tells the mag in its latest issue. "It was more disconcerting than I anticipated. I expected it to be a breeze. But I tried so hard since the series ended to do things as different as possible from the character."

"When I was faced with making acting decisions on that character again, my brain started backfiring and internally combusting."

Anderson, who is pregnant with her third child, says she's been travelling a lot and has bought and sold a lot of houses because she "likes doing up houses and getting into the architecture". Although she wasn't her usual sharp self when asked where she's purchased them: "London, California, Canada. There's another country that I've just added that I'm not going to talk about because it's private. So that's four continents."

When the interviewer pointed out that California and Canada were on the same continent, Anderson responded: "It doesn't sound so special, then. Never mind."

Finally, here's Gillian in a sexy photoshoot she recently did for Esquire magazine:

Gillian Anderson Topless 1 Gillian Anderson Topless 2 Gillian Anderson Topless 3

July 21, 2008 |

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