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Former Agents Sue Chris Pine, Reveal His Pay For Upcoming Films

Chris Pine's former talent agency is suing the actor for unpaid commissions after it was unceremoniously fired by email.

SDB Partners filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday and revealed Pine's salary for upcoming films to prove it is owed hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to the documents, Pine will earn $1.5 million to play Captain Kirk in the 'Star Trek' sequel, plus up to $500,000 in back-end compensation, and $3 million, plus $500,000 in back-end, if a third film were to happen.

The agency also says Pine took in $3 million for his role in 'Unstoppable' alongside Denzel Washington, and was paid a tidy $5 million to star in his upcoming film 'This Means War' with Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy.

He is also in line to make $750,000 for the low budget 'Welcome to People' with up to $4.25 million in bonuses if it fares well.

SDB says it is not only owed commissions from these deals it landed for the star, but on future "millions of dollars that Pine will continue to earn as a result of SDB's prior hard work and dedication."

The agency says it agreed to represent Pine in 2002 when "nobody was willing to touch" him but "on November 11, 2011, Pine discharged SDB by email."

"Pine did not even have the courtesy of picking up the telephone to tell SDB that he was ending their relationship of nine years," reads the suit, which is included in the complaint.

In the email, Pine acknowledges "this decision was very difficult for me to make because I owe much of the success in my career to all of you" but doesn't mention any outstanding commissions.

February 15, 2012 |

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