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Estella Warren Tries to Escape After DUI Arrest For Hitting Three Cars

'Planet of the Apes' actress Estella Warren had quite a day on Tuesday as she hit three cars, assaulted a police officer, got arrested then tried to flee from custody.

It all started when Warren was driving down Harper Avenue near West Hollywood when she crashed into three parked cars. After a local resident noticed that Warren had no intention of stopping and leaving her information, he called police.

Police promptly arrived and arrested Warren on suspicion of driving under the influence. That's when the former model resisted arrest and kicked one of the officers for a charge of felony battery on an officer.

But it didn't end there. When Warren was being detained in a holding room, she managed to slip herself out of the handcuffs then burst through a door to the police station and briefly escaped.

"She was uncooperative and demanding," explains a rep for the L.A. Sheriff's Department. "She removed her handcuffs and fled the police station. She was captured and transported back."

It didn't take long for her recapture and she was given an additional felony escape charge. The 32-year-old was eventually released after posting $100,000 bail.

May 25, 2011 |

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