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Dr Phil Diagnoses Kanye West's Twitter Tirades As 'Stupid'

James Corden asks for Dr. Phil's opinion on Kanye’s recent tweets as he wonders "What is going on with Kanye West?"

"Well, come on. You can't be that wrong that many times in a row unless you're working at it," says McGraw.

"We're talking about it, aren't we?," he asks. "He just gets up, says something and here we're talking about it. So he's working."

"You know everybody thinks stuff. You'll think something that's really stupid but we're in a society now where everybody thinks you gotta have an audience for everything."

"Listen, I don't need to know that you just brushed your teeth. I don't need a picture of it. I don't need film of it."

"But we're so narcissistic now that everybody's doing selfie's now of brushing their teeth. I don't care!"

"But everybody has to post it up. So now everybody has to post everything. Nobody cares but now somebody says something stupid and it goes wall to wall in five seconds. It just goes all over the place."

"You used to be stupid and get away with it," he concludes.

February 23, 2016 |

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