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Dennis Rodman's Lawyer Says He's 'Broke' With 'Drinking Problem'

Dennis Rodman's lawyer says that "unjustified" child support payments and a drinking problem have left the former NBA star broke.

Linnea Willis says in court papers that Rodman "is broke and cannot afford any additional fees." She also said he is "extremely sick."

The filing came in response to allegations from Rodman's third wife, Michelle, that he owes $808,935 in back child support for the couple's 9 and 10-year-old children and $51,441 in back spousal support.

Willis says that "even the wealthiest celebrities in the world" would not be ordered to pay $50,000 a month, and "Mr. Rodman has always provided support to his family to the best of his ability and will continue to do so."

She accused Michelle's lawyer of engaging in "a smear campaign" against Rodman.

However, the former Chicago Bulls rebounder could face up to 20 days in jail for failure to pay spousal and child support, if the situation isn't resolved.

Meanwhile, his manager, Darren Price, says Rodman has been battling a "well-documented drinking problem, and all the stress from the divorce and not seeing his kids isn't helping."

"As people know, it's a daily struggle. He has good days and bad ones and good weeks and bad weeks."

March 28, 2012 |

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