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Debra Messing Explains Where 'Will & Grace' Will Pick Up In Revival

Debra Messing is talking about how producers will explain the return of 'Will & Grace' more than a decade after it ended.

"All I know is that I was told that they've come up with a very creative way of dealing with how the show ended, and that it will be in real time," Messing says in an interview with Bill Carter. "So it will be 11 years after."

That appears to hint that the revival will happen in the flash-forward finale scene at the end of series.

"I think, at least for me, the country is scared and confused, and so many things are changing very quickly. And I was feeling a deep need to laugh. I wasn't sleeping, I wasn't eating. And then when we got together and we laughed, it was just so healing," she said of coming back to her most famous role.

"We looked around and were like, 'You know, we need to laugh.' So we should assume other people need to laugh. So this would be a chance for us to give people a little respite, hopefully."

"But then also do what we have always done which is shine a light on what is happening in the world."

"It'll be social issues, political issues, and be outrageous," she adds. "And it seemed like there literally is no better time than right now for this kind of show that's already welcomed, to come back and to try to make people think the way that we did 10 years ago."

The 12-episode 'Will & Grace' revival will air this fall on NBC.

May 25, 2017 |

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