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'Dark Knight' Sets New Opening Weekend Record With $155 Million

We all knew 'The Dark Knight' would be big. The question was how big.

Even with all the buzz that surrounded the movie, many media pundits were quick to put 'Spider-Man 3's record for biggest opening weekend ever out of the caped crusader's reach -- although as we said Thursday, we believed it could happen -- and did it ever.

'The Dark Knight' took in a whopping $155 million to top 'Spider-Man 3's previous best of $151.1 million. To put it into prespective, the movie came close to recouping its entire estimated cost of $180 million in one weekend, and is expected to do just that by topping $200 million by the end of the week. The sequel also set a one-day box office record by taking in $67.85 million on Friday, it's first day of wide release.

Not only that, it lifted the Hollywood box office to its best weekend in history by taking in $253 million, beating the previous record of $218 million for the weekend of July 7, 2006 which was set by 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest', 'Superman Returns' and 'The Devil Wears Prada'.

Musical 'Mamma Mia!', which was going after a completely different audience, debuted at a distant second with $28 million; while 'Hancock' slid into third spot with $14 million.

Finally, if all the big numbers are making you dizzy, Eddie Murphy's latest flop, 'Meet Dave', took in a poultry $1.6 million and is out of the box office Top 10 after just one week,

Here's the complete run down of the weekend box office:

1. The Dark Knight, $155 million.
2. Mamma Mia!, $28 million.
3. Hancock, $14 million.
4. Journey to the Center of the Earth, $11.9 million.
5. Hellboy II: The Golden Army, $10 million.
6. WALL-E, $9.8 million.
7. Space Chimps, $7.4 million.
8. Wanted, $5.1 million.
9. Get Smart, $4.1 million.
10. Kung Fu Panda, $1.8 million.

UPDATE: With the official numbers in, 'Dark Knight's take has been upped to $158.4 million.

July 21, 2008 |

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