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Country Star Eric Church Cancels 25,000 Tickets Bought By Scalpers

Country star Eric Church has taken a bold step and cancelled more than 25,000 tickets to his spring tour that were purchased by scalpers and put them back on sale for fans to purchase.

"They buy thousands of tickets across the US, not just mine, and they end up making a fortune," Church explained to the AP. "They use fake credit cards, fake IDs. All of this is fraud."

Church has previously cancelled tickets that he suspected were being bought by scalpers but nowhere to the tune of 25,000 tickets.

"We're getting better at identifying who the scalpers are," Church said. "Every artist can do this, but some of them don't. Some of them don't feel the way I feel or are as passionate."

"Our fans know that as long as we tour, we're going to do everything we can to make sure they pay face value for the ticket."

Church added he wanted real fans at his concerts, not someone who has to pay $500 for a front-row seat because that's not who has gotten him here.

February 21, 2017 |

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