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Christie Brinkley's Husband Paid $300,000 To Keep Teen Lover Quiet

Supermodel Christie Brinkley (photosChristie Brinkley photos)'s cheating husband paid $300,000 to his former teenage lover to keep her quiet about their affair, reports the 'New York Post'.

Architect Peter Cook who is now in the midst of a bitter divorce from the supermodel gave Diana Bianchi the money to remain quiet and not take him to court for sexual harassment. Cook and Bianchi began their affair when she was just 18 and had only started working in his office.

Last March, Cook's lawyers negotiated a secret deal in which he paid Bianchi $300,000 to keep the details of their relationship private after she threatened to take him to court for sexual harassment. Cook apparently came up with the figure by calculating what a trial defense would have cost him, according to the 'Post'. Except this would keep the affair private and spare his children, and ex-wife details of the affair.

However, all that was probably a waste because the judge has ordered that his upcoming divorce trial be open to the public, and Brinkley's lawyers have subpoenaed Bianchi to testify at the trial to spill the beans about the affair.

She tells the paper that, "I am not interested in getting involved in a dispute with Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook." Before adding, "But if compelled to testify, I will do so truthfully."

June 25, 2008 |

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