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Chrissy Teigen Feels Sorry For Donald Trump's Wife Melania

Chrissy Teigen (photosChrissy Teigen photos) probably won't be giving Donald Trump her vote on Election Day.

The pregnant swimsuit model and FABLife co-host attacked the Republican presidential candidate after he promoted his meeting with the African American pastors.

"Will be meeting on Monday at Trump Tower with a large group of African American Pastors. Many I know, wonderful people! Not a press event," Trump wrote on Twitter.

"So don't tweet about it you twat," she advised.

Trump soon retweeted a fan's message which read: "Wow! Trashy gutter mouth woman. You can't hold a candle to Melanie Trump when it comes to beauty and eloquence."

Teigen responded by simply saying: "LOL poor Melania doesn't need to be dragged into this. She goes through enough already."

She joked the laughs the comment gave her was "the greatest birthday gift ever."

December 1, 2015 |

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