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Chris Brown Ordered To Remain In Jail Until April After Rehab Dismissal

A judge has ordered Chris Brown to remain in jail after he was arrested upon being dismissed from a Malibu rehab facility for violating its rules.

Brown must now remain in jail until his hearing in late April because he failed to remain in the court-mandated rehab program.

The 24-year-old was dismissed from rehab after a series of events on Friday that included him disregarding a request for a drug test, getting too close a female client despite being previously warned, and mocking the program during his session.

According to the report by the facility, Brown "drew a reflection card that mentioned excelling and being good at things. When reading his card, Mr. Brown chose to add his own words to the card, stating that, 'I am good at using guns and knives.'"

It adds when Brown was asked if he was serious about this goal, Brown answered "'Of course' while shaking his head no."

Brown, who had been treated for 113 days, was discharged "for breaking program rules and not following through with items listed on his signed behavioral contract."

Brown's attorney said his client was simply "having a bad day."

"You know - do you have a bad day? I have bad days sometimes," Mark Geragos said. "Do you say things you'd like to take back? I certainly do. So I don't know that being in a therapeutic session and you're talking about your reflections and you say one sentence means you go to jail? Seems to me to be counterproductive to therapy."

March 18, 2014 |

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