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Britain Unveils 007-Inspired Technology Center

British officials have unveiled a real-life version of James Bondís secret gadget factory as part of a plan to fight terrorism, complete with bomb-detecting robots and remote-controlled chemical agent scanners.

Scientists like Q in the James Bond films who came up with outlandish gadgets for the 007 agent have been recruited by the Ministry of Defence to work at the center as part of its plan.

The Counter-Terrorism and Technology Center, about 80 miles west of London, will have a 15-person staff of inventors will come up with their own gadgets to stay on step ahead of the increasingly technological advanced terrorist.

The experts in explosives, nuclear and biological warfare, electronics and robotics will also have colleagues that will carry out psychological profiling.

Among various other things, the scientists will seek to develop new methods of detecting the presence of explosives, to improve the chances of identifying a suicide bomber before he or she has had the opportunity to carry out an attack.

"This new centre will provide a world class hub to ensure government laboratories, industry and academia are used as efficiently as possible to keep one step ahead of evolving terrorist threats", said Secretary John Reid.

April 11, 2006 |

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