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'Battlestar Galactica's Ronald Moore 'Very Satisfied' With Series Finale

It's been a week since the end of the sci-fi space opera that was 'Battlestar Galactica', and executive producer Ronald D. Moore says he was very pleased with how it all came together in the end.

"I'm very pleased with the finale. It pretty much is exactly what I wanted it to be, and I'm very satisfied with it. That's how I wanted to end Galactica and in the room I felt happy," says Moore. "I felt that people weren't fidgeting, and they seemed riveted and into what they were watching."

"There were a few tears here and there. The feeling I got from the room was that they were there and invested in the story, and I hope they found it satisfying."

"I wrote it as a two-hour a piece and the draft came in a little on the long side but, when we got right down to it, there was no way we could shoot it in the sixteen days that were allocated to shoot. And suddenly it became a big question -- what are we going to do? The network and actors loved the script and it became a question of money."

"I said this is what the show is about. Then the idea came up, what if we were to take it a three-hour finale? Then I thought if we could do that and we had the sufficient production time, we could do it. I started feeling like we could pull this off and, lo and behold, they came up with the money."

"There were a lot of people at the studio who were fans of the show. And at the very end when the chips were down and we were seriously over budget -- doing an extra hour that had not been contemplated. Spending literally millions of dollars to do this and adding a third hour to the broadcast schedule, ultimately every one of them said yes to make it happen."

"We made a conscious decision to say, 'We're going to leave this opaque'," Moore says about the ultimate fate of Kara. "You can certainly say that she's an angel or a demon or some other form of life. We know from the show that she died a mortal death, she was brought back to life in some way, and then she fulfilled a certain destiny and guided them all to Earth. What does that mean? And who is she really?"

"It was a conscious creative decision to say, 'This is as much as we're going to tell you, and she's connected to some greater truth'. The more we try to answer what that greater truth is, the less interesting it becomes, and we just decided to leave it more of a mystery. I am sure that there will be a cadre of people who are angry that they never got a more definitive answer, but we just decided not to do that."

"It was actually a lot of fun," Moore says of this brief cameo reading the issue of 'National Geographic' with Hera as Mitochondrial Eve. "I was wearing a Jimi Hendrix shirt that you can't see. For rights issues and all of that, you couldn't see Jimi, but that's actually a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt that I'm wearing. I got a big kick out of that."

On the DVD fans can expect "longer versions of the flashbacks and other scenes. There's one, after Tyrol says, 'We have to hook Anders into CIC', we're in Adama's quarters, and he's adamantly opposed to it. It's a really hot, angry scene between him and Tyrol and Starbuck. Eventually he decides to do it. That was a great scene that was hard to cut, but we finally cut it."

"I don't remember what else. Oh, there are more scenes, flashbacks in the strip club, sort of fleshing out the Tigh and Ellen story a little bit more, things like that."

Moore adds that he always felt that the show would end with Six and Baltar walking through Times Square.

March 27, 2009 |

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