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'Bachelor in Paradise' Suspended Because Contestant Had Sex with Drunk Woman

'Bachelor in Paradise' producers have been relatively tight-lipped about what caused filming of the reality series to be abruptly suspended.

They've hinted that there were "allegations of misconduct". However, now the reason is becoming clear.

People reports that contestant DeMario Jackson was filmed in a drunken sexual encounter with a female contestant who may have been too intoxicated to consent.

One of the contestants, speaking anonymously, says they were placed on lockdown.

"We were told to stay in a certain part while they figured out what the hell had happened," the contestant says. "We knew something bad had happened; there was a dark energy that came around the house."

"You have to understand that we weren't even there a week. The game hadn't even really begun yet."

"They stopped taping anything, and we were just kind of there, waiting in limbo. We couldn't talk to each other about what we knew. On Thursday, one of the camera guys told me that they were probably going to shut down production."

"I didn't realize that it was that serious until then. I was like, 'wait, they’re thinking of canceling the show?' It hadn't even crossed my mind that they'd do that."

Contestants were sent home over the weekend.

While no charges have been filed, there's currently an ongoing investigation and it's very likely this season of 'Bachelor in Paradise' will be scrapped entirely. It was to premiere in August.

June 13, 2017 |

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