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Anderson Cooper: Ali Lohan Looks Like She's 60, Wants To Be Stripper

Anderson Cooper, who is a frequent guest-host on 'Live with Regis & Kelly', made another appearance on the show Tuesday morning and had some rather candid things to say about the youngest member of the Lohan clan.

Anderson went on a rant about the Lohan's and especially couldn't believe 14-year-old Ali Lohan.

"Allegedly a 14-year-old girl, looks to be about 60," he said about Ali. "I say that with concern and love."

"She allegedly wants to be a singer and or actor-slash-performer of some sort, striptease person, i don't know."

Anderson may not be that far off with the 'striptease person' guess. By all accounts, including some of her recent comments on her need for fame, she's headed for trouble.

However, mom Dina, obviously, couldn't believe the comment and tells 'OK!' magazine: "People are just cruel! This is bad karma for him."

August 6, 2008 |

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