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Adam Levine On What He Thought When Accidentally Threw Mic At Fan

Adam Levine tells Jimmy Kimmel about the odd moments he's had while performing onstage with Maroon 5.

'The Voice' judge also recalls the recent incident in which a mic he threw to the floor bounced and hit a female fan in her face.

"I threw my microphone down a foot in the ground in front of me and it took this incredible once in a lifetime hop. It really shoots in this forward very, very quick motion that nails this girl. I saw it like it was in slow motion. Right when I dropped it I thought it's going to kill somebody."

Levine says he immediately hoped the girl was fine and wasn't planning on hitting him with a lawsuit.

"I thought 'Oh my God, this poor girl. Is she going to be okay because she's just been struck in the face with a microphone?' and immediately I was thinking 'Is this going to be a lawsuit kind of situation?'"

"But that's like way less important," he joked.

May 7, 2015 |

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