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Aaron Eckhart Clarifies 'Two-Face's Fate In 'Dark Knight'

Ever since the release of 'The Dark Knight', there has been some debate about whether Aaron Eckhart's character, Harvey 'Two-Face' Dent, died at the end of the movie.

Those that believed he died said he couldn't have survived the fall, while the other side said the hard fall merely left him unconcious and since he wasn't shown to actually be in the coffin, he could reappear in a future movie.

Comic characters do often rise from the dead, but this one won't. Aaron Eckhart says Harvey Dent is definitely dead: "He is dead as a doornail. He ain't comin' back, baby. No," Eckhart tells E!.

"I asked Chris (director Christopher Nolan) that question. He goes, 'You're dead.' Before I could even get the question out of my mouth, 'Hey Chris, am I...' 'You're dead.'"

The issue is also made rather clear in the script for the blockbuster sequel, a copy of which was recently released (link). It's a long read, as far as scripts go, at 167 pages, but page 163 seals the fate of Gotham's D.A.

"Dent lies at the bottom of the hole, his neck broken," the script reads, then succinctly punctuating the death in capital letters, "DEAD."

September 8, 2008 |

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