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'Wonder Woman' Remake Turned Down By NBC After Pilot

David E. Kelley's reboot of 'Wonder Woman' will not be picked up by NBC.

Kelley thought he had a script that would update the comic book classic to present day with Diana Prince as CEO of a major conglomerate by day and a superhero by night.

But NBC decided the project was just too risky and not likely to succeed after test audiences gave the pilot mixed reviews and considered it rather average.

It also didn't help that, unlike the big screen, superhero shows haven't really broken through on television over the last few years. The only notable hit has been 'Smallville', which wraps up its run later this year, but its success can be squarely linked to its teen angst filled early years and the telling of a little known about Superman chapter.

The news will no doubt come as a bit of a surprise for former 'Friday Night Lights' star Adrianne Palicki, who thought she was finally breaking through with a leading role. But at least Palicki got a shiny new costume out of it.

The decision could also make ABC reconsider its pause with its push for a live-action incredible Hulk series. But Marvel should have better luck as long as it keeps David E. Kelley out of it.

May 13, 2011 |

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