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Vivica Fox Sex Tape Rumors Abound

Vivica Fox is the latest celebrity rumored to star in a sex tape that could be leaked to the internet.

In the sex tape, Fox is said to be drunk and performing oral sex on a man. The Atlanta man is said to have recorded the encounter on his cell phone. It's said the man then emailed the video to friends, one of whom alerted Vivica.

She then contacted a friend at the Atlanta police department.to look into it and stop circulation of the video.

Celebrity sex tape rumors are a dime a dozen nowdays. Although this one could hold some truth considering Atlanta radio host Porsche Foxx is said to be one of the 'sources' for the story. However, it's possible that she could simply be looking for media exposure and attention.

We'll keep an eye on it incase anything develops and let you know if this turns to be legitimate. There is nothing currently out there and we're leaning towards the thought that the rumor is likely false.


It has been confirmed by Vivica herself that no such sex tape exists: "As a 43-year-old woman, I would never allow a man to put me in that position. If you see me having a love scene, it's going to be choreographed in a movie, and be fabulous. I do not have a sex tape."

January 3, 2008 |

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