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Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell To Appear On 'Heroes'

After Kristen Bell (photosKristen Bell photos) said no to a role on 'Lost', her fans may have been left disappointed but with today's news they can jump for joy.

Turns out Kristen was entertaining two offers - one from 'Lost' and the other from 'Heroes'. She's signed up with 'Heroes' for, what is being called, a "key multiepisode arc".

Kristen will make her first “Heroes” appearance in October.“

This was not easy to pull off,” says 'Heroes' creator Tim Kring. “But since we’re an ensemble show, with many arcs playing out through the year, we found a way to jump into a small window in her schedule.”

And that appears to be why she chose 'Heroes' over 'Lost', which was a long term commitment. Not to mention it would have required her to move to Hawaii for filming.

The role she will play on 'Heroes' is named Elle, a character described as "a sexy, mysterious young lady" (spoilers ahead) who "has ties to the supposed death of Peter, H.R.G.’s past and the future of Claire. Elle will kick off her arc by committing a serious crime, though it’s unclear whether she’s good or bad."

August 20, 2007 |

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