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Upset Rebecca Mader Gets Apology From 'Lost' Bosses

Rebecca Mader has received an official apology from 'Lost' bosses, and its not for killing off her character earlier this season.

It all began when executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse answered a fan question that asked how Daniel Faraday could have seen a young Charlotte in 1974 when she wasn't born until 1979, as viewers were told in the season four episode 'Confirmed Dead'.

The two said Mader, who played Charlotte Lewis, changed the age of her character from 37 to 28 in the script "because she did not really want to brand herself as 37, which is what she would have had to been had we stuck to the initial script."

They added they should have caught it in editing, but the thought of it had Mader fuming: "I'm pissed Damon and Carlton lied about me on the most recent podcast," she said on her Myspace page. "The timeline error was their mistake and they are making it out to be my fault. NOT COOL!"

"I never asked Michael Emerson on set to change HIS line. Actors don't do this. Damon and Carlton say that they wrote it was 1970. Complete and utter bollocks! I never changed my characters age on the set. Charlotte Lewis was always meant to be born in 1979. It was written in the script!"

However, this morning Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse released a statement admitting that they were squarely to blame for the gaffe: "Rebecca is absolutely right and we apologize to both her and the entire fan community for screwing up the story."

"By way of explanation, when we inquired as to how this happened, the intel came back that we used Rebecca Mader's birthday, July 2, 1979 because she was actually eight years younger than the character as originally conceived/scripted."

"We misremembered this as having come from Rebecca herself on the set, but in fact, it came several days earlier when our continuity expert pointed it out and suggested using Rebecca's actual birthday for Charlotte."

"And so, the mistake was ours. Rebecca's production draft did have the date as being 1979. Our first mistake was the timeline gaffe, but the much more significant one was wrapping Rebecca up in this when she had nothing to do with it. Not her fault on any level. It was our bad. One hundred percent."

It may not seem like much to fuss about, and as a viewer it's one of those things you let go even on a detail-oriented show like 'Lost', but it definitely wasn't a classy move to throw Rebecca Mader under the bus without being absolutely certain of the sequence of events.

March 25, 2009 |

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