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Tracy Morgan Thinks Charlie Sheen Is An 'A--hole' Who 'Ain't Funny'

Tracy Morgan evidently isn't a Charlie Sheen fan.

In an new interview, the '30 Rock' star takes a shot at the self-proclaimed Warlock and says Sheen doesn't realize the damage he's doing.

"I'm just a comedian. I'm not Charlie Sheen," says Morgan. "Charlie Sheen ain't funny to me. I think that's a train wreck."

"And I feel bad for his two little kids because they're the bodies being pulled out of the train wreck. What's going to happen to them?"

"But everybody thinks it's a joke. While this a--hole is going on stage making a fool of himself his kids are going to suffer and don't even know it because this is a cycle of abuse."

"It's not hard, that's just an excuse," he says of the common belief that show business can corrupt people. "Life is what you make of it. If life is hard then you've got to look at the mistakes you're making because as you get older life is supposed to get easier, that's what wisdom is for, that's what knowledge is for, that's what understanding is for."

"But people make it hard because they're insane; they keep doing the same things over and over again expecting different results so they get disappointed. You've got to make the change."

"Michael Jackson said it to us, you've got to make that change, you've got to start with the man in the mirror. It's easy to point a finger; it's too easy, make the change. I know it's hard, let it be hard that's what makes us adults. Making decisions. Decisions shouldn't be easy. You're not a baby."

Morgan also drops his two cents on Donald Trump and his constant demand for Obama's birth certificate.

"Tell him I've got it and it's in Brooklyn and if he wants to see it come and get it," he jokes. "Let's see if his ass will come down to Brooklyn and get it."

"He needs to leave the President alone, he's the President. Come on man nobody got no time for Donald Trump. Go build buildings, go play with your Lego set. We don't give any credence to that."

April 27, 2011 |

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