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Tori Spelling Shocked To Discover She Was Pregnant Again Month After Child

Tori Spelling says she was shocked to discover she was pregnant again and almost didn't believe it.

"We found out the news together. I had chronic migraines and I was in the emergency room getting treated for one of my migraines," Spelling tells Access Hollywood.

"And when I got there they said, 'Before we can treat you, you have to do the pee in the cup.' I said 'Oh, don't worry I'm not pregnant. I just had a baby a month ago.'"

"And they said, 'Sorry, it's policy at the hospital'... So I did it, and they came back and said, 'You're pregnant!' And I said, 'That can't be!'"

But it wasn't until a blood test confirmed she was pregnant, that the realization set in.

"Dean and I kind of sat there in shock for a while and then we said, 'Well, we wanted four. This is when our miracle wanted to come... so we'll take it.'"

"All my friends keep asking me if it was planned and I'm like, 'Seriously? Hattie was one month old. Do you think it was planned?' I was up all night with feedings."

April 5, 2012 |

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