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T-Mobile Employee Arrested After Stealing Woman's Sex Tape From Her Phone

A T-Mobile employee was arrested by police after he sent himself a sexually explicit video of a female customer.

It all began when a woman walked into a T-Mobile store located in Clearwater, Florida at about 4:30 PM to have her phone fixed.

She gave Roberto Sanchez-Ramos, 25, her phone so he could locate the problem and reactivate the service.

However, once she got her phone back, the women noticed a new message in the Sent folder of her email. Upon closer examination she discovered that the store employee had sent the extremely private video on her phone to his email address.

She reported the incident to police and Ramos was arrested and charged with computer offenses and a scheme to defraud.

He has been booked on a $10,000 bond and also faces a probation violation charge stemming from a prior work-related felony conviction.

June 2, 2017 |

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